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IQ empowers families to take action to improve college acceptance and financial outcomes. 

Welcome to InfoQuest College & Financial Solutions

Our comprehensive approach not only makes our applicants be the best applicant they can be but also prepares the parents by educating them about the financial implications, options, and an opportunity to make a more informed decision. Here at InfoQuest we help reduce the student’s stress over the college admissions process, as well as the parents’ apprehensions of paying for college and planning for retirement. Our college planning advisors help students and families create a strategic admission and financial plan to help them navigate the college admissions process.

What do we do? We make it easy for you and your student.

We provide college and academic services as well as financial aid and planning services.

College Admissions Coach

An experienced college admissions counselor to guide your student.

Maximize Merit Aid & Financial Planning

Get the most free money and do not overpay for college.

Checklist & Timelines

Know your to-do list and deadlines so nothing gets missed during the process.

Career Assessment & Research

Begin with the end in mind and find the right major.

College Funding Plan

Have a plan to pay for college  without sacrificing all your other financial goals.

College Selection

Build a college list that is a perfect fit financially, academically, and socially.

Resume, Essay & Application Preparation

Personalized attention for preparing and submitting the best application.

FAFSA & Financial Aid Form Review

Mistakes can be costly, let us help review your data and provide asistance completing your forms.

Aid Award Reviews & Explanation

Do not make a decision without understanding your options and make sure you get the best offer.

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