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Resources for college research, test preparation, and college applications

College Research


One of the most important parts of the college planning process is the research. Students are unique and college lists are as well. You need to be willing to think outside your comfort zone because you just might find a college that is a great match for you. When you put in the time to research each college, you will find the schools that really feel like a good match. These college search resources can help you determine which colleges are a good fit for you. 

Virtual College Tours


There is nothing that can replace the campus visit, but a great way to do your pre-visit research is to view a virtual campus tour. These college virtual tour resources can help you become familiar with the campus.

Test Preparation


Test preparation is an integral part of the college planning process. Many scholarships are based on the SAT or ACT test scores, so if you want money for college it is essential that you take the preparation for these tests seriously.

College Athlete Eligibility Centers


If you are thinking about becoming a college athlete you will need to register with one of the college athlete eligibility centers. Student-athletes need to know the rules and start the process early because there are additional requirements as a potential college athlete.

College Applications Links


These links are group applications used in the college admissions process which allow you to streamline the process. Not all colleges participate in the group applications, therefore you will need to verify which schools on your list use them. For those students applying to schools that are not using group application, you will need to find the application on the individual college website.  

Multi-School Applications
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