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Educational & Financial Consultant

Melissa Mieyr began her professional journey with a 24-years stint in the public school sector, as an educator specializing in business, career, and technology. Throughout her career, she dedicated herself to helping students navigate their next stage in life. She holds certifications as both a school administrator and school counselor and spent 15 years supporting a high school counseling office with a focus on all things college related. Melissa worked tirelessly to educate students and parents about the college planning process. With a strong background in business, Melissa's passion for the financial side of the college process was evident and has been a significant focus throughout her career.


Melissa is a college planning advisor who partners with families to help them attain their academic goals while maintaining the families’ financial stability. After spending much of her career helping students explore their academic and career options as an educator and certified school counselor, Melissa knows that these decisions that are made can truly have life-changing outcomes.


Melissa’s passion for education, organization, and personal financial freedom allows her to guide families through the college planning process while giving them peace of mind. She knows the importance of a good education while keeping your eyes on the goal of the future. By becoming an independent consultant in 2014, Melissa was able to further her passion by extending her ability to help not only the student in the college planning process but to assist parents in realizing the holistic approach needed to plan for college and not jeopardize their own future quality of life.


Melissa's personal life is equally inspiring, having hosted 19 exchange students with her husband. Besides spending time with her family Melissa enjoys spending time outdoors tending to her flower garden, cooking, traveling, and watching football in the fall.


College & Financial Consultant

Melissa Mieyr
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