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Our comprehensive approach not only makes our applicants be the best applicant they can be but also prepares the parents by educating them about the financial implications, options, and an opportunity to make a more informed decision. Here at InfoQuest we help reduce the student’s stress over the college admissions process, as well as the parents’ apprehensions of paying for college and planning for retirement. Our college planning advisors help students and families create a strategic admission and financial plan to help them navigate the college admissions process.

We approach the college planning process with a holistic approach. Many college planners focus solely on the student’s academics and performances, all the while neglecting the reality of the financial implications to parents and the family as a whole. Our advisors will not only position your student in the best position possible but analyze the family's financial situation to help provide recommendations and create a plan that will help provide the best financial outcome for college and protection of their own future. Once the college years are over, we continue to serve our clients by providing an annual financial review to help them adjust to their changing financial needs as they move closer to retirement.


Educational & Financial Consultant

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Educational & Financial Consultant

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