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InfoQuest College & Financial Solutions is excited to join forces with a select group of independent educational consultants (IECs) from across the United States to create EdPro Collaborative.

While we and the other consultants will maintain our separate practices, our mission in coming together is simple yet powerful: to foster a collaborative network of IECs dedicated to supporting one another, sharing knowledge, and ultimately benefiting YOU as you embark on the road to college.

Collectively, we boast 157 years of education experience and have visited countless colleges and universities around the globe. By sharing our insights and discoveries, we are able to craft well-rounded college lists that include hidden gems and lesser-known institutions, ensuring a tailored approach for each student. Our collaboration goes beyond knowledge sharing. We actively create and exchange resources, and this shared toolbox evolves constantly, enriching our collective expertise and benefiting all those we serve.

What truly sets EdPro Collaborative apart is our diversity of perspectives. Hailing from different regions across the country, we not only offer insights into colleges but also the unique cultures and opportunities of our respective areas. Moreover, all of us stay in touch with our students now in college to get the inside scoop on life on various campuses.


This also allows us to draw on collective wisdom and explore a wider range of possibilities and opportunities, ensuring a holistic approach to college guidance. Furthermore, our regular meetings enable us to stay informed. This makes us better equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of higher education and provide the best possible guidance to our students and their families.

2024 Webinar Schedule
All Webinars will be held at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT
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